Carole Hanstede Counselling Services Brisbane

Carole Hanstede’s Counselling services in Brisbane can help improve your Clarity, Confidence 
and Well-being for individuals and couples.

Services - Counselling in Brisbane


We may live in absolute paradise, but our lives seem to become busier and busier.  And then something happens that knocks us for six. Family or  Marriage in serious trouble, job loss, major health issue, death and everything falls apart.

Self Care

How to cope with life’s Ups and Downs, how to deal with family and marriage issues?

We can’t look after anyone else if we don’t look after ourself!”

I offer family and marriage counselling in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Young People

As a mother of a pair of t(w)eeners myself, I often wonder how best to help our kids develop positive self image, deal with family issues and healthy ways of coping

Loss and Grief

To truly live means at times we will experience loss.  But if we allow the grieving process to occur, we will, in time, accept the loss and experience personal growth

Anxiety and Depression

Everyone feels anxious, sad or down sometimes.  But, if you have these feelings intensely for long periods of time and are having trouble with normal activities, you may be experiencing depression or anxiety.