Carole Hanstede Counselling Services Brisbane

Carole Hanstede’s Counselling services in Brisbane can help improve your Clarity, Confidence 
and Well-being for individuals and couples.

Relationship Counselling Brisbane

Relationship problems arise due to conflicts, mixed feelings, lack of respect, infidelity, unsupportiveness, mistrust, straining relationship and can occur between a couple, colleagues, friends and families. I can help you have a better outcome out of  relationship counselling and aid you and your partner to enrich your relationship for a harmonious life together. 


How Can Counselling Enrich Your Relationship?

Relationship Counselling provides a safe environment to couples or individuals to resolve complex issues in their relationship. A consultation with your counsellor will help you & your partner to develop the following skills:

• Communicating Effectively with your partner 

• Finding Balance between your wants and needs in relationship

• Turning Negative Emotions to positive ones

• Dealing with unpleasant feelings 

My counselor was my anchor”

Carole Hanstede offers confidential, flexible relationship counselling services in Brisbane and surrounding areas.  

We may live in absolute paradise, but our lives seem to have become busier and busier.  We stumble along telling ourselves we are happy or at least we will be if only…. the kids start school…. we get that extension done…. we get that dream job.  And then something happens that knocks us for six. Marriage or relationship in serious trouble, job loss, major health issue, death and everything falls apart.

This happened to Carole Hanstede, long term Samford and Dayboro resident, and in hindside it was the best thing that could have happened to her.  It forced her to take a good hard look at herself, face her worst fears and slowly but surely get her life back on track.

But she did not have to stumble through on her own. She got help from a fantastic counsellor that guided her through a process of becoming more self aware, learning to like herself and work out her place in this great big world.

“Oh, she worked me hard but she made me realize that I am the only one that can do this.  I am the expert in my own life and somewhere within me are the pieces of the puzzle to a happier life.  Through this incredibly turbulent time, my counsellor was my anchor, always believing in me, never judging me but always challenging me.”

Now 12 years on from when Carole made that first call to her counsellor and after years of study, telephone counselling with LifeLine and providing psychological first aid during times of disaster, she is now ready to become that anchor for others and offers her confidential, flexible counselling services in the wider Dayboro and Samford areas.

Carole is a Member of the Australian Counselling Association and she can meet you in Samford, Dayboro, come to your place or provide support via phone or email.

For more details ring Carole on 0412132784 or email [email protected].