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What You Need to Know About Grief, Loss, and Bereavement

Posted on 30 January, 2018 at 23:55

Grief, loss, and bereavement all involve a sense of loss.There are a wide range of emotions to deal with which can be difficult to process and to understand. Coping with any form of loss is different depending on the individual, their background, personality, sense of connection in relation to the loss, and more.

Dealing with Emotions

As a provider of Counselling Services in Brisbane I find that common emotions which come up with grief, loss, and bereavement include confusion, anger, resentment, persistent sadness, acceptance and more. There can sometimes be underlying emotional issues which have not been dealt with which can make the loss more difficult and can lead to depression, anxiety, and breakdown.

Allow yourself to feel the emotions, cry, and talk to friends, family or a therapist about your feelings.

The Recovery Process

Recovering from grief and loss involves accepting the loss fully, working through the pain, adjusting to life without the deceased and moving on with life while maintaining a connection to the deceased.

Recovery takes time and it is important to allow yourself to grieve and work through your emotions.

Therapy for Grief, Loss, and Bereavement with Grief Counselling Brisbane

Grief, loss, and bereavement are some of the hardest things to cope with in life. My counselling services in Brisbane can help you to find coping mechanisms, talk about your emotions and to move forward in a positive direction in your life while honouring the memory of the person who is no longer here.

Each person is different and therefore the therapy for each individual differs.

After grief, loss, and bereavement there can be a sense of loss directly in relation to the death, and also in relation to your lifestyle and your routine, and the way you connect with your family and friends. If you have suffered a substantial loss, my grief counselling in Brisbane regions can help you to process the loss and grief and adjust to the changes in your life.

Things to Do When Your Spouse is Depressed

Posted on 30 January, 2018 at 23:50

When your spouse suffers from depression it can be difficult to know what to do. Depression can certainly take its toll on a marriage. As a provider of counselling services in Brisbane, I find it is important to look after your own well-being for your emotional health,and also to help your marriage.

Be Supportive

Your support is important. When someone is suffering from depression, they can often feel that they are alone and are unwanted. Point out any changes that you have noticed such as their lack of involvement in activities that they have previously enjoyed including hobbies, sports or socialising.

Do Not Enable Your Spouse

While being supportive is really important, do not enable your spouse. Do not help them to stay sick by waiting on them or doing things for them that they can do for themselves. Ensure that you do not take more responsibility for your partner than they take for themselves. Treat them like an adult. You cannot force them to see a doctor or get out of bed, but encouragement is certainly recommended.

Look After Your Own Well Being

If your spouse is depressed, it is important to look after your own mental health and well-being. Continue to go to social events and do things that you enjoy. Seeking help through depression counsellingand marriage counselling in Brisbane can be very beneficial.

Depression Counselling in Brisbane Can Help

Depression counselling and marriage counselling in Brisbane can really help when your spouse is suffering from depression. Together we can work on communication and cognitive behavioural techniques that will benefit your spouse and the marriage.

It is important to let your spouse know that they are responsible for their own behaviour. Be supportive, but let them know how their depression is affecting you. Encourage them to seek help for depression counselling in Brisbane, either alone or together with you.

Look after your own emotional well-being. It may help you to contact me for counselling services in Brisbane regions, either with your partner or alone.

How Do You Know Your Marriage Life is Going Good or Bad?

Posted on 30 January, 2018 at 23:50

As a provider of Counselling Services in Brisbane regions, I often find that men and women think completely differently when it comes to how they decide whether their marriage is going well or not. One party can feel that their marriage is completely happy, and be taken completely by surprise when their partner mentions divorce.

Happiness in a marriage means different things to different people, and what is important for one person may not be important for the other. It is vital to communicate, and know that what you value in your marriage may not be the same as what your partner values!

Couples Counselling in Brisbane Can Help You to Understand Your Spouse

Sometimes your partner may have different ideals to you when it comes to showing and receiving love. Learning what these are and expressing both you and your partner’s values appropriately can bring a new understanding to your marriage.

As a provider of Marriage Counselling in Brisbane I find that some of the common things that people value most in a marriage are:

That Their Partner Is There for Them in Challenging Times

When your spouse is there for you in times of hardship such as grief, the loss of a job or when you have health concerns for instance, for some people this is a sign that they have a stable and caring marriage.

Their Partner Helps Them Around the House and Does Things for Them

As a provider of Counselling Services in Brisbane I find that for some people having things done for them is the most important way that their spouse can show their love.

They are Regularly GivenGifts

Some people feel that having gifts brought for them is a sign that their relationship is going well.

You Do Lots of Fun Things as A Couple

Many people value fun times and doing lots of fun and exciting things.


Common Life Goals

Having a nice home, financial accomplishments, children, and reaching goals can be a sign for some people that their marriage is working.

Talk to your spouse about what is important for them. If your way of showing love and appreciation is by gift giving, and your partner’s is by helping each other, then giving them a weekly gift will not always make them feel loved and appreciated! Communication is vital to maintaining a great marriage. For professional Marriage Counselling in Brisbane and surrounds contact me today.

10 Reasons Why Couples Seek to Get Help from a Counsellor

Posted on 30 January, 2018 at 23:40

There are many reasons that couples seek couples counselling in Brisbane. Here are 10 of the most common:

1. Extended Family Situations

Where there are children from a previous marriage or relationship, blending the family units can be difficult. Marriage counselling in Brisbane can help with this.

2. In-Law Problems

Problems with a spouse’s family are common.

3. Emotional and Mental Health Issues

In today’s society, emotional and mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and bi-polar disorder are common. Addiction is also often part and parcel of mental health issues.

Family Counselling in Brisbane can help both parties to deal with mental health and addiction issues.

4. Illness and Health

Physical illness can often put a strain on relationships.

5. Marriage Counselling in Brisbane for Loss and Grief

Loss and griefcan be overwhelming. Marriage counselling can help both parties when dealing with loss, grief and bereavement.

6. Infidelity

Many relationships do not survive infidelity. Couples counselling in Brisbane is essential to rebuilt trust, respect and faith.

7. Parenting Issues

Parenting problems are extremely common. Many partners have different parenting styles.

8. Communication Issues

Communication is the key to all great marriages. With marriage counselling Brisbane couples can learn to communicate effectively and express their emotions in a safe and nurturing environment.

9. Feeling “Out of Love”

With time and changes in lifestyle, many couples report feeling that that have fallen out of love. Couples cancelling can help to get that feeling back and reignite the spark.

10. Lifestyle Changes

Major – and even minor – lifestyle changes can affect a marriage. Moving house, a change in financial circumstances and a new baby can alter the dynamics of your marriage.

There are certainly many other reasons that people come to couples counselling in Brisbane. Some couples come to me because they want to keep the marriage healthy and happy, or for a host of other reasons. Contact me to find out more about how family counselling in Brisbane can help your relationship.

5 Tips to Experience Bliss in Your Relationship or Marriage

Posted on 30 January, 2018 at 23:35

As a provider of Marriage Counselling in Brisbane, I find that making improvements to your marriage can mean tweaking some of the little things that you do each day. Whether you are trying to keep your marriage strong and happy, or are trying to improve your relationship, here are 5 tips:

1. Make Your Bedroom Romantic

A clean, uncluttered, tidy and sweet-smelling master bedroom will make a definite difference to the level of passion that you feel when entering the bedroom. Fresh sheets and possibly some new décor works wonders for romance.Try to have the master bedroom child and pet free when you can!

2. Listen to Each Other

When you are having a conversation really listen! That means putting aside your phone or tablet and turning your attention away from the TV. Distractions in the way of technology can cause major communication rifts. My relationship counselling in Brisbane can help with any communication issues.

3. Pay Attention to Your Behaviour

Think about what you do rather than what you sway. Put in the effort of being affectionate and attentive every day, not just on days when you feel like it!

4. Set a Daily Goal

Set a daily small goal for your marriage to focus on each day. As a provider of Counselling Services in Brisbane I find that the little things can produce big results. Your goal may be not to nag, to remain even tempered, or to do one kind thing for your spouse for the day.

5. Focus on the Good Times

Always focus on the good times that you have shared in your relationship. This may be a family vacation, a sport you have done together or anything else that conjures up fun and happy memories.

Marriage Counselling in Brisbane can help to improve your relationship, communicate more effectively and bring back the spark that can disappear over time. Contact me for affordable relationship counselling in Brisbane, the wider Dayboro and Samford areas.

Understanding Anxiety and Depression

Posted on 5 October, 2017 at 1:35

At times everyone feels sad or a little anxious.However, if you are constantly down, or feeling worried and fearful for no reason at all, or in ordinary daily situations, you may have depression or anxiety.

Both depression and anxiety are quite common. Over 300 million people were estimated to suffer from depression, and 24 million from anxiety in 2015, as documented in the World Health Organization Global Health Estimates report. Both anxiety and depression are treatable. It is important to see a GP. In addition, my counselling services in Brisbane can help you to recover.

Depression Counselling Brisbane

Symptoms of Depression

Symptoms of depression can include:

• Change in sleep patterns

• Feeling sad or empty for more than two weeks

• A feeling of loss of control over your life

• Withdrawal from others

• Stress and irritability

• Constant tiredness

• Change in appetite

• Chronic pain

• Headaches and nausea

• Suicidal thoughts

When undertaking depression counselling in Brisbane with me I will help you to understand depression, and work with you to develop a recovery plan that is unique to you.

Anxiety Counselling Brisbane

Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety symptoms can include:

• Constant worry

• Feeling tense

• A constant feeling of catastrophe and danger

• Panic attacks

• Irrational fear

• Avoiding situations and activities because of anxious feelings

• Irritability

• Restlessness

Anxiety counselling in Brisbane will help you to understand the cause of your panic and anxiety, and we can take steps to control the anxiety and fear by developing strategies unique to your needs.

It is very common to suffer from both depression and anxiety at the same time. Both centre around negative feelings and thought patterns. The future can look bleak and dismal and there can be a lot of fear about what is going to happen, and a feeling of not having control.

Counselling Services Brisbane

Carole Handstede’s counselling services in Brisbane can help you to get to the cause of your anxiety or depression and work through a program with you to help you gain control over your life.

By speaking with you in a calm and safe environment I can gain an understanding about how you are feeling about life and your circumstances.

With depression and anxiety counselling in Brisbane life can have meaning again, and you can once again enjoy the things you used to.

How Counselling Can Help You Manage Feelings of Grief and Loss

Posted on 5 October, 2017 at 1:35

Feelings of grief and loss can occur not only because of the death of a loved one, but also through changes in a person’s life, over which they have little or no control. These situations include the loss of a pet, the ending of a marriage or relationship, the loss of independence that can come with aging, illness, money problems, and other significant life changes. My counselling services in Brisbane can help you to manage and deal with your feelings and to make progress towards healing.

Facing Grief and Loss

Everyone experiences grief differently, and for different reasons. You may feel many emotions. Emotions that can come up can include confusion, frustration, disbelief, shock, anger, sadness or resentment. Sometimes your emotions are suppressed and it can be difficult to be aware of them. Allow yourself time to grieve in your own way.

Managing Feelings of Grief and Loss

Counselling Servicesin Brisbane can help you to manage your feelings of grief and loss by talking, sharing your thoughts and emotions, and getting advice on how to bring clarity and progress to the situation that you are facing.

I also suggest that you:

• Try to identify your feelings;

• Talk to a supportive friend or family member;

• Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself time to rest, eat healthily and have some down time;

• Cry if you need to;

• Spend some time doing some physical exercise to release stress.

Grief Counselling Brisbane

Carole Hanstede’s grief counselling services in Brisbane can assist. A neutral, caring third party can really help you to get in touch with your emotions, express them and move through the healing process.

Seeing an experienced and kind counsellor will help you to deal with your loss, bring clarity to your situation and help you to move forward.

I offer affordable and flexible counselling in Brisbane, Dayboro and Samford areas. I can also conduct appointments by phone if this is better for you. Counselling is done in a secure and confidential environment.

With the correct support you can manage your grief and loss. Contact me for a free consultation today.

Effects of Depression on Your Daily Life

Posted on 5 October, 2017 at 1:30

Depression can really affect everyday life. For some people, it is a feeling of sadness that goes away with time. For millions of others depression is ongoing and needs treatment. As a provider of counselling services in Brisbane areas, I am often asked about the effects of depression.

How Do I Know if I Have Depression?

Depression symptoms can include:

• Change in sleep patterns

• Feeling sad or empty for more than two weeks

• A feeling of loss of control over your life

• Withdrawal from others

• Stress and irritability

• Constant tiredness

• Change in appetite

• Chronic pain

• Headaches and nausea

• Suicidal thoughts

If you have depression, you may have some or all of these symptoms. Consider Counselling Services in Brisbane and other areas.

How Depression Effects Your Daily Life

Your daily life can be affected by depression in many areas including your energy levels, your career, health, and relationships. Other addictive disorders can occur because of depression including alcohol abuse, drug taking and gambling.

Depression not only affects you, it affects your friendships, your family, your work colleagues and everyone around you. It can also affect your concentration levels and your efficiency at work and study.

How Do I Deal With Depression?

If you think you may have depression, it is important to remember that you are not alone. Depression affects around one million Australians and a huge 300 million people worldwide.

Talk to a good friend or family member, and consider depression counselling services in Brisbane or your local area. Exercise can help the symptoms – just a fifteen-minute walk each day can make a big difference.

Depression Counselling Services in Brisbane

Carole Hanstede provides a caring and nurturing environment in which you can talk about any life issues, safely express your feelings and work through your problems.

With depression counselling in Brisbane you will gradually be able to work through your problems, gain back some control, and move forward with your life in a positive direction. I can meet with you at a location convenient to you, and I also do over the phone appointments.

Pre-marital Counselling

Posted on 10 September, 2017 at 20:30

Getting married? Have you considered investing in pre-marital counselling?

Wedding planning is fraught with stupid decisions. Chairs, for example, or what length your dress should be.

Marriage is fraught with things that really do matter. Taking some time in the middle of the planning to talk about the reality of your lives together, and to ask yourselves hard questions? Well, that's a gift.

So if you can, find someone and talk. It will be worth every cent, even if you think you already have everything figured out.

Carole Hanstede Counselling (, @carolehanstedecounselling, 0412132784) offering confidential, affordable, flexible pre-marital counselling services in the wider Dayboro and Samford Areas